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Twist Potato Business Packages

Join us as a Twist Potato member and be entitled to buy our high quality products at reduced prices!

In order to become a Twist Potato member, you will need to purchase one of the following packages. Click on any one of the following to view more information:


Twist Potato Cutter Machines

Choose from our wide selection of Twist Potato Cutter machines! It comes in two sizes: large (stainless steel only) and small (go crazy with the wide variety of colours!).

[Twist Potato Cutter - Steel (Large)]
Width: 45cm
Length: 27cm
Height: 35cm
Weight: 6kg
[Twist Potato Cutter Machine - Steel (Small)]
Width: 27cm
Length: 15cm
Height: 22cm
Weight: 3kg

The following machines are all of the same model, but with different colours. The specifications are as follows:
Width: 27cm
Length: 15cm
Height: 22cm
Weight: 2.4kg

[Basic] [Red & Black] [Black] [Green]
[Purple] [Grey] [All red]

Stainless Steel Kiosk

Pushcart Easy Install Kiosk - made fully of stainless steel! It is flexible, foldable, and can be easily assembled. It fits easily into a car, even as small as a Kancil. This is the perfect kiosk for you to start your Twist Potato stall.

[stainless steel kiosk]

Deep Fryer

Add on the deep fryer to your stainless steel kiosk! You can choose the deep fryer that uses either gas or electricity. It comes covered with the Twist Potato logo - you don't have to decorate it yourself. Perfect start for your Twist Potato business!

[deep fryer]

Twist Giant Hot Dog

Introducing the new Twist Giant Hot Dog! After being fried, a Giant Hot Dog will grow up to 9 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. It looks big and is value for money. And if you use our golden crispy flour for frying, the crispiness can last up to 2 hours! The delicious golden hot dog will be a great addition to your Twist Potato business.

[Twist Giant Hot Dog]